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We sell vibration dampers as support handles and bushes for handheld air and electric machines.
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Vibration exposure in the workplace can cause problems in the hands and arms due to vascular and nerve damage. This can be seen as Raynaud's syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome.

According to SCB's study of occupational health problems in 2007, approximately 11,000 people (9,000 men and 2,000 women) reported vibration-related disorders. In a working study in 2013 indicated 14% of men (17% in the age group 16-29 years) and 3% of women said they worked with vibrating hand-held tool at least 25% of the time. For men, the highest figures are seen among building workers and interior workers (75%) followed by machine and engine repairers (47%). Among the women dominated vibration exposure among machine operator and assembly workers (20%). A slightly higher proportion of women aged 16-29 were working with vibrating hand-held machinery in 2013 compared to 2011. Overall, about 400 000 men and women a daily exposure for at least a quarter of working under the Work Environment Agency estimate.

Vibration Exposure Regulations

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations, the employer is obliged to investigate whether vibration exposure for individual workers is so high that measures need to be taken (AFS 2005: 6, AFS 2005: 15). The risk assessment shall include an estimate of the daily vibration exposure dose and it shall be performed by an expert, such as an occupational health and safety professional at the occupational health and safety office. The employer is responsible for vibration-exposed workers receiving information and education about the risks. Special adaptation may be made for workers with particular sensitivity to vibration exposure.

The employer is obliged to offer medical examinations for new employment and thereafter for a maximum of three years. New employment control and three-year control should include medical examination. Thereafter, every other periodic three-year check can be replaced with a simpler health check or a screening form. (AFS 2005: 6).

Source: Internetmedicin.se